Project Profile: Hot Sauce Co.

image of three bottles of hot sauce

Credit: Hot Sauce Co. (Instagram Profile)

The Hot Sauce Co. is a start-up business established by a young entrepreneur driven by a passion for spicy food. With three products so far and a growing list of clients, this London-based food company was ready for an operational scale-up strategy to pave the road for more customers to taste its yummy offerings.

The challenge

Increase production capacity to meet growing market demand in a controlled and systematic manner that ensures consistency of product quality.

The result

CRI researcher Mustafa Khdair, an expert in business process management, analyzed the production process, estimated standard cost of products, and identified and assessed automation options. An interim scale-up solution for the product’s bottling stage was reached that increases capacity, minimizes waste and ensures consistent output.

A customized commercial offer was negotiated with a bottling machinery vendor to enable a trial phase for the equipment for the new scale-up. This results in a solution that enables The Hot Cause Co’s start-up to grow with reduced financial risk.

This project is funded by the Niagara College-led Southern Ontario Network for Advanced Manufacturing Innovation (SONAMI) through Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario) contributions.

Source: Fanshawe College’s Centre for Research & Innovation (CRI)