Meet your SONAMI Project Manager – Ryan Billinger

Ryan Billinger is the Program Manager for the Product Development Exchange (PDx) at George Brown College and a Project Manager for SONAMI. His role is to ensure students, industry partners and faculty have all the resources required for successful project execution from the beginning to the end of the project.

We asked Ryan some questions so you can get to know him and his work with SONAMI better:

What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of my ability to form dynamic relationships both at work and in my personal life. It is important to understand that everyone is unique, and when you come to the realization that everyone’s needs vary, forming relationships and friendships becomes an easy task.

What is the most interesting SONAMI project you have been involved with and why?

It is very exciting to be part of the SONAMI network. SONAMI not only helps our partners achieve their business gaols, but also provides critical experience for our students who work on these projects. Working with students is one of the most exciting aspects of research projects for me.

How has COVID impacted how you do your job?

The pandemic has certainly impacted how we work on projects. With working from home and remote classes being “the-new-norm”, it seems the majority of our clients prefer to meet online. This was not the case prior to the pandemic where we would host our partners for meetings. As the pandemic has progressed, there is a measurable shift being made to meet in person once again, which is a welcome change.

How can industry partners connect with you right now?

We have a dedicated team of Business Developers who work directly with industry partners. Our Business Development team are professionals who help our partners at every step of the project planning phase and help identify key faculty with expertise in the area of interest.

To learn more contact Research & Innovation at George Brown.