Harasavardanan Velumani Jayaraman – Student Showcase

Harasavardanan Velumani Jayaraman

Meet Harasavardanan Velumani Jayaraman, a Quality Engineering Management student at Lambton College Of Applied Arts And Technology.

Why did you apply to work in Applied Research at your school?

I would like to do a Ph.D. in the near future, research experience would give me the required exposure for the field.

What is the best thing about working hands-on in applied research?

There are opportunities to work with high level machines like a differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), thermogravimetric analysis, dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA), tensile testing machines, Extruder and injection molding machines. In addition it teaches the importance of safety in doing experiments.

What is the most surprising thing you learnt while working with your industry partner?

I was positively surprised by the supports given to me during my learning phase, transparency in business, fidelity and reliability of experiments, exciting scientific discussions and good project governance.

In your opinion, how can your school’s applied research program best help industry partners grow their businesses?

Reliability in experiments and test results will help partners make better decisions. In addition, the quality of research gives optimum transparency to the partners.

Would you recommend SONAMI for small and medium business entrepreneurs? Why?

Yes, I would, because the networking support from SONAMI would enhance the business opportunities for small and medium businesses which in turn brings the chances for growing their business. SONAMI also assists in funding their R&D projects and provides immense idea generations through their projects.