Ashok Kumar Mahato – Student Showcase

Ashok Kumar Mahato

Meet Ashok Kumar Mahato, a recent graduate from Centennial College’s Mechanical Engineering Technology – Design program.

Why did you apply to work in Applied Research at your school?

It gave me experience as a Student Researcher in the manufacturing industry which helped me stand out after graduation.

What is the best thing about working hands-on in applied research? 

A student researcher gets a chance to apply the theoretical knowledge throughout the research work and helps them to analyse their work in a professional manner. It helps students prepare for the employments in their field.

What is the most surprising thing you learned while working with your industry partner? 

I was surprised by the properties of polymers that our industry partner manufactured, I was not expecting them to be as strong or durable as they were.

In your opinion, how can your school’s applied research program best help industry partners grow their businesses?

It helps to explore the solutions for the challenges being faced by the industry. It helps build a network which aids in recognition and branding.

Would you recommend SONAMI for small and medium business entrepreneurs? Why? 

Definitely. I would recommend collaborating with SONAMI. Business entrepreneurs get their innovative ideas turned into commercial products which helps society. In addition, students get industrial exposure and experience in the professional world.

Anything else you want to share?

I am grateful that I got an opportunity to work under the collaboration between Centennial College ‘ARIES’ Department and Marsh Brothers Aviation. Throughout the project, I learned different skills from technical to managerial. It boosts up my confidence to face the real world after graduation in my job hunt. Also, it helps build up a professional network.