Meet your SONAMI Project Manager – Colleen McCann

Colleen McCann is a SONAMI Project Manager and the Research Project Manager at Conestoga’s SMART Centre for Research and Innovation. She leads projects primarily focused on mechanical and automation, complementing her background of over 20 years within automated manufacturing industries. She is also the College’s lead resource for SONAMI-related projects and…

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Meet your SONAMI Project Manager – Eric Blaise

Headshot of Eric Blaise. On the right, description of his role.

Eric Blaise is the Director of Applied Research and Innovation at Centennial College and is responsible for industry-College applied research collaborations in the field of aerospace, surface transportation and energy. He also oversees advanced manufacturing projects funded through the SONAMI network. We asked Eric some questions so that you can get…

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Meet your SONAMI Project Manager – Dushyant Puri


Dushyant Puri is a Research Project Manager with Conestoga’s SMART Centre. He’s had the opportunity to work with OEMs and Tier 2 automotive companies, managing and developing first-to-market products, IoT implementation and data analytics. His focus is on SONAMI projects that combine software and manufacturing. We asked Dushyant some questions to…

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Darius Inniss – Student Showcase


Darius Inniss is a Mechanical Engineering Technology student at Sheridan College and is currently working with the Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies (CAMDT). With the SONAMI and CAMDT team, Darius helped small and medium businesses turn ideas into actual prototypes with the use of state-of-the-art technology. We interviewed…

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Meet your SONAMI Project Manager – Steve Remilli

Steve Remilli is the Operations Manager at the McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute (MMRI) at McMaster University. His primary roles are to engage with industry partners, develop project goals, provide design support and facilitate successful project completion. We asked some questions to Steve to get to know him better: If you ran…

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Meet your SONAMI Project Manager – Simon Coulson

On the right, a headshot of Simon. On the left, text: Meet your project Manager, Simon Coulson. Mohawk College's Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre (AMIC)

Simon Coulson is the General Manager of the Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre (AMIC) at Mohawk College and supports the staff, students and industry partners in delivering applied research projects. Typical projects at AMIC involve product design and development, prototyping and exploration of additive manufacturing. We asked Simon some questions so you…

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Meet your SONAMI Project Manager – Amal Driouch

On the right, a headshot of Amal. On the left, text: Meet your SONAMI Project Manager: Amal Driouch. Niagara College's Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre (WAMIC)

Amal Driouch is the Project Manager at Niagara College’s Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre (WAMIC), where she manages advanced manufacturing research projects in collaboration with SMEs mainly located in Southern Ontario.  Amal holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering from Mohammadia School of Engineers in Morocco, her home country; and an MSc…

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