Project Profile: Speed Composites

A red and a blue car racing in a race track

The challenge Speed Composites, manufacturers of composite panels for race cars competing at tracks in North America, were looking to expand their product line: an innovative product that provides precise measurements of a vehicle’s chassis prior to a race. Competitive racing requires the measurement of the car’s chassis frame to…

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Project Profile: My Active Snacks

Image showing a mix of nuts lying on a table cloth

My Active Snacks is a Toronto-based- snack food start-up expanding the marketing for healthy snack food options. The challenge Support with recipe development and ingredient sourcing to develop a tasty snack puff that meets the strict keto diet requirements. The result Fanshawe College’s Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI) researcher Josie…

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Project Profile: Meadow Lynn Farms

In the centre, a glass full of strawberry juice. Strawberries laying on the table around the glass of juice.

The Challenge Simcoe, Ont.-based Meadow Lynn Farms is a mixed farming enterprise that includes cash crop, dairy, CSA market gardens and strawberries. The farm has been family-owned for 73 years. The owners wished to capture a niche market for the thousands of pounds of wasted strawberry seconds (imperfect, under-or over-ripe…

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Project Profile: Airbus Helicopters Canada

Image of a helicopter flying in the sky

The Challenge Many helicopter body components are made from carbon fibre composite sculptured surface-shaped parts. At present, Airbus Helicopters Canada Ltd. uses fibreglass fixtures to mechanically clamp the parts, and excess material is trimmed away manually by an operator. This is fatiguing, and the process is open to operator error…

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Project Profile: Merq Automation

The image shows an ergonomic syringe developed by Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre (AMIC) team at Mohawk College.

Credit: Merq Automation The Challenge In food, chemical and environmental labs, a syringe is a crucial tool for dispensing and transferring liquids. But it is also a tool that must be used with precision and care, especially when working with liquids that are high in particulate matter. The process of…

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Project Profile: Seradex – MTechHub

Image: Niagara College Research & Innovation The Challenge MTechHub is an association of 400 Canadian Manufacturing SMEs created by Burlington-based software development company Seradex. Their aim is to overcome common industry business challenges through the use and adoption of digital technologies. They came to the Research & Innovation division to…

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Project Profile: Keyframe Studios

The Challenge Keyframe Studios, an award-winning animation and visual effects company created a concept prototype to reduce green-screen post-production compositing time. They needed assistance taking it to the next level, and in making it sophisticated enough to hit the commercial market. Keyframe’s visual effects division, Krow VFX, partnered with the…

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Project Profile: Hot Sauce Co.

image of three bottles of hot sauce

Credit: Hot Sauce Co. (Instagram Profile) The Hot Sauce Co. is a start-up business established by a young entrepreneur driven by a passion for spicy food. With three products so far and a growing list of clients, this London-based food company was ready for an operational scale-up strategy to pave the…

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