Olivia Uildersma – Student Showcase

Meet Olivia Uildersma, a Mechanical Engineering Technology – Design & Analysis student at Conestoga College Conestoga Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Olivia made a big difference in helping SMEs grow through Research & Innovation across southern Ontario. Why did you apply to work in Applied Research at your school? What first…

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Liliana McIntosh – Student Showcase

On the right, a head shot of Liliana. On the left, text: Student Showcase: Liliana McIntosh

Liliana McIntosh is a recent graduate of the Mechanical Engineering Technology Co-Op program at Niagara College. As a student she worked with SONAMI at Niagara College’s Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre (WAMIC). Currently, Liliana works at WAMIC as a Mechanical Engineering Research Associate. Along with Project Managers, Project Leads and…

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Lianna Genovese – Student Showcase

Lianna Genevese's headshot on the left. On the right, text: Student Showcase: Lianna Genovese

Lianna Genovese is a Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences student at McMaster University and is also working for the McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute (MMRI). With SONAMI and MMRI, Lianna helped companies in Southern Ontario de-risk their investment in innovation, turning ideas into product prototypes through state-of-the-art technology and SONAMI’s funding….

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Laura Sanchez – Student Showcase

On the left, Laura Sanchez's headshot. On the right, the text: Student Showcase, Laura Sanchez

Laura Sanchez is a Quality Engineering Management student at Lambton College and is working for the Lambton Manufacturing Innovation Centre (LMIC). With SONAMI and LMIC, Laura was able to work with small-and-medium businesses across Southern Ontario, helping them develop new products or optimize existing processes. We asked Laura some questions…

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Darius Inniss – Student Showcase


Darius Inniss is a Mechanical Engineering Technology student at Sheridan College and is currently working with the Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies (CAMDT). With the SONAMI and CAMDT team, Darius helped small and medium businesses turn ideas into actual prototypes with the use of state-of-the-art technology. We interviewed…

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