Meet your SONAMI Project Manager – Colleen McCann

Colleen McCann is a SONAMI Project Manager and the Research Project Manager at Conestoga’s SMART Centre for Research and Innovation. She leads projects primarily focused on mechanical and automation, complementing her background of over 20 years within automated manufacturing industries. She is also the College’s lead resource for SONAMI-related projects and funding.

We asked Colleen some questions so you can get to know her and her work with us better:

What is exciting about SONAMI?
Projects are so diverse, and that really pushes me to get out of my comfort zone. Having the opportunity to learn about the client’s business and needs, and then to deliver tailored solutions to help move their business forward is very rewarding.

Where do you find your ‘zone’ at work?
I’m happiest when I can get my hands on technology and work side-by-side with my team to solve problems, innovate solutions and make things better. 

What have you learned while working through the pandemic?
We’ve all had to adjust to a new working normal, and connecting with partners and colleagues in meaningful ways is more challenging today, but the pandemic has also brought more opportunities to appreciate each other in deeper ways.

Empathy – both for yourself and others – the art of giving yourself a break and then coming back to refocus on hitting your goals, is key right now.

Connect with Colleen: [email protected]
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