Meet your SONAMI Project Manager – Istok Nahtigal

Istok Nahtigal is a SONAMI project manager and the manager of Industry Projects and Research at the Center for Research and Innovation (CRI) at Fanshawe College. His function is to be the bridging point between Business Development and the Research execution teams.  Istok and his team work with industry partners to define their research goals and translate them into executable projects.

Describe your favourite type of project?

With my background in chemical sciences, I enjoy process development projects. There is always the thrill of taking a concept and taking to something you can hold in you hand. One of the most interesting projects to so far has been working with a local packaged foods company with sights on zero-waste, we were able to find a plastics valorization solution for them. They have since established a spinoff company that will commercialize the process.

How has COVID impacted how you do your job?

I worked at CRI during the tail end of the pandemic. The realization that much work can be done through hybrid has been a welcome evolution.

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